Working through the challenges of coronavirus: an update from No Brainer

As the coronavirus takes hold of the UK, we find ourselves in unchartered territory. People and businesses everywhere are experiencing the same worries and concerns that we are all feeling.

The situation is forcing us all to manage and mitigate some huge challenges in our respective worlds; challenges most of us have never faced before either personally or professionally.

This is a very different world to the one it was just a few months ago and there’s no doubt we’re all faced with making some complex decisions on a daily basis to keep our communities and our people safe, whilst also moving our businesses forward.

Being cloud-based and non-location dependent means we have prepared for this scenario and have taken several steps to ensure we’re fully equipped and available to support our partners throughout this ever-changing situation.

In line with new guidance issued by the UK government yesterday, we’ve asked all No Brainer team members to work remotely to help contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We have all the necessary tools and resources at hand to continue delivering the high standards of work we’ve earned a reputation for. And we will still be working as hard as ever to ensure projects are managed and deadlines are met.

To ensure we’re doing all we can to help navigate through these challenging times, we will be making some small adjustments to our day-to-day service, which include:

  • Restricting all social interaction where we can, and adopting a digital-first strategy for all meetings for the foreseeable future
  • Opening up new channels of communication to make it even easier for our clients to stay in touch with us. This includes dedicated WhatsApp groups and video calls via Microsoft Teams as necessary
  • Putting new measures and team routines in place to ensure all programmes of work continue and we can carry on delivering success for our partners and clients
  • Taking care of our employees and providing enhanced sick pay to enable team members to take time off if they do contract the coronavirus

In light of the above, the No Brainer offices will be closed temporarily, however, we will be closely monitoring the situation and hope to be back there in the not too distant future.

While the environment around us remains confusing and uncertain, we take comfort in the strong and close working partnerships we have with our clients and between our team here. Our priority is partnership, so if you have any concerns or questions, please do get in touch.

It feels like, as a community and as businesses, we all need to navigate this situation to the best of our abilities. If there’s anything we can do to support you or anything you need – particularly with communications around mitigating the fall-out of this or day to day challenges, please do reach out to us. Now is the time to communicate more than ever, and we’re all in this together.

The No Brainer team.

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Lee Cullen

Having worked in-house and agency-side, I have almost 15 years’ experience working in various marketing and communications roles. With an AMEC gold certificate in measurement and evaluation so I’m always looking to show outcomes and prove the impact of our work.

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