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We’re one of the UK’s leading PR agencies, because we spark life into your brand using tailored PR strategies.

We’re fuelled by research, insights, and data that elevate awareness and promote brand recognition in traditional PR. 

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Our approach

We are not just another PR Agency:

We seamlessly fuse our expertise, teams, and strategies to craft a PR experience that's nothing short of award-worthy.

Our approach is all about collaboration, working hand in hand with your in-house team to meticulously customise a traditional PR strategy that harmonises seamlessly with your brand’s unique identity.

With our expertise and industry insights, our goal is to ensure that you don’t just exist in the PR landscape; you stand out boldly and proudly.

We’re here to help you take ownership of your public relations journey, creating a presence that you’ll be thrilled to showcase to the world. Here’s how we’ll work together:

With a strong award-winning pedigree in PR, we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding results and maximising your ROI.

Our PR strategies are designed to convey compelling stories that resonate with your target audience whilst enhancing your brand’s reputation.

We immerse ourselves in your brand, the audience you aim to reach, and utilise a constantly evolving set of PR, content marketing and communication tactics to achieve significant, impactful outcomes.

We’re here to help you identify those golden moments that yield the greatest return on investment.

“Every brand, no matter how big or small, has to work hard to protect how they are perceived – by all. A strong reputation can be a brand's biggest asset, and we work hard with our clients to tell their stories in the right way and through the right channels, helping to influence opinions and behaviours”
Lee Cullen, Director

PR services we can help with

PR Strategy

Our unique strategies start with your audience - informing a strategy that's built on technical excellence, content that gets you noticed, and importantly, makes meaningful connections between the audience and your brand.

Media Monitoring

We’re supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes with online reputation management and media management by proactively monitoring their online media mentions, as well as competitors, to mitigate any risks and make sure we're at the forefront of any opportunities.

Digital PR

Impactful campaigns that deliver a bang - combining big brand impact, traditional PR aspects, with added SEO benefits.


With our proactive and reactive approach, we're quick to jump on news stories or current events to push relevant stories, industry expertise and thought leadership.

Media Relations

Positioning your brand at the forefront of broadcast media news, and identifying the right kind of opportunities.


Creating and executing exciting brand campaigns that make an impact with the media and most importantly, your customer.

Thought leadership

Leveraging relevant brand spokespeople to showcase expertise and trust with gold target media.

Press Office Support

Operating as an extension of your in-house team to handle all in-bound PR requests to manage press and media conversations.

John Swaffield - Taking Care

“No Brainer have been a fantastic partner to us, providing a joined up and cohesive SEO, content and digital PR strategy that we just could not have delivered in-house.”

John Swaffield


Happy customers

“What’s great about working with No Brainer is their depth of knowledge and expertise, their innovation, their holistic approach to content marketing and their efficiency! They’re a genuine and exceptionally talented bunch of people who work with you to understand your needs and deliver the results you want”

Stephanie Mcevoy

Places for People

“No Brainer was able to work nimbly with us at short notice on a story that had already performed very well across mainstream travel and lifestyle media. They leverage the hook, exploring different features and angles to enhance its online impact and SEO.”

Becky Bennett

The Eden Project


Answers to your PR questions

You’ve got questions, and we have answers.

We pride ourselves on translating the complex into something meaningful to all.

Digital PR leverages modern communication channels like social media (and influencers!), websites, and blogs to enhance a brand’s online presence. It’s a valuable tool for shaping a positive image in the digital world.

Traditional PR, on the other hand, focuses on managing reputation and controlling narratives. It relies on established mediums such as radio, TV, newspapers, and billboards to maintain or improve a brand’s reputation through earned media coverage.

While digital PR is a product of the digital age, the conventional channels used in traditional PR still maintain their relevance. Television commercials, radio ads, newspaper articles, and billboard displays continue to be integral in delivering content and shaping perceptions. These timeless forms of communication are consumed by individuals of all ages, ensuring that traditional PR retains its influence.

A PR strategy is like a roadmap that helps brands achieve their goals, such as getting more people to know about your brand or improving your reputation. It outlines what we want to do and how we plan to do it.

One of the most crucial parts of a PR strategy is understanding your audience. This means knowing who your message should reach and which journalists and publications are the right fit. Without this knowledge, your PR efforts might not reach the right people, making them less effective and unsuccessful.

So, when it comes to public relations, a robust PR strategy is your compass, ensuring you’re not only on the right path but also engaging with the right people in the media. This alignment is what ultimately leads to PR success, helping you achieve your desired objectives and make a significant impact in the public eye.

Our team of PR experts utilises an array of tools to ensure that your brand’s message reaches the right journalists and media outlets while staying in tune with current trends.

We use a powerful media database and PR software to precisely target the right journalists and generate impactful media coverage. This tool enables us to quickly assess the types of stories a journalist typically covers, helping us determine if they are the right contact for your news.

We also have an end-to-end outreach platform that helps us stay organised when sending out multiple releases to journalists. It streamlines our processes, allowing us to maximise our efficiency and results.

Staying informed about trending topics is essential in PR. We are constantly monitoring the news landscape and leverage platforms like Google Trends to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

We also utilise handy listening tools that track and monitor social media conversations related to your brand or specific topics. This allows us to stay attuned to what’s being said on social media and respond effectively to the ongoing discussions.

With these PR tools at our disposal, we ensure that your brand’s message is delivered to the right audience and in a timely manner, enhancing PR outreach and its impact.

You might think that PR is all about sending press releases and getting media attention. But in reality, it’s more complex. To make PR work, data-driven insights and constant adjustments are crucial.

Your brand’s image and message need to adapt to changes in your target audience’s preferences. Over time, as new generations emerge, your audience’s expectations may shift. This means you must periodically review and refresh your PR strategy.

This ongoing process involves a PR audit and the creation of a comprehensive strategy. It’s a continuous effort that ensures your PR efforts stay effective and up to date, making sure you get the most out of your public relations.

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