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Brilliant media relations can build trust, awareness and credibility for any brand in any sector. Done well, it can inspire a nation. Done badly, it can ruin a business.

When it comes to PR expertise and media relations strategy – both online and offline – we’d argue our team is one of the best in the business in the UK.

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Our approach

We are not just another Media Relations & Crisis Communications agency.

With journalists receiving hundreds of emails a day, it’s important you use an agency whose stories and press releases stand out, who understand the urgency of news and emerging trends, and who have relationships with those media influencers – both online and offline – who matter most.

Our little black book of broadcast, national, regional and trade media contacts is the envy of other media and PR agencies, but we never stand still – we’re always expanding our network of journalists, bloggers and online influencers.

Our approach keeps your brand and commercial goals firmly in mind at all times and means that we are always striving towards shared goals together.

We’ve all heard of epic “PR fails”. They’re memorable, and this reputational damage can stick around for decades.

Often, through no fault of their own, organisations can be thrust into the spotlight for the wrong reasons and have to manage and mitigate a media firestorm.

Every organisation, regardless of its size or industry, has the potential to be impacted by a PR crisis, and if that’s you, then we can help.

“Reputations can take years to grow, but minutes to lose if a media crisis isn’t handled well.
We’re experts in getting companies organised for reputational risks, and advising on media crisis when they happen.”
Gary Jenkins, Managing Director

Media Relations services we can help with

Media Relations

We’re supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes with online reputation management and media management by proactively managing or mitigating potential crises, handling existing ones, or simply media training a company’s leadership team to get them prepared for one.

Crisis Comms

We'll work with you to create a communication strategy that protects your brand reputation for when a crisis or business disruption hits.


Our team has decades of experience in creating leading media relations strategies - planning goals, objectives, messages, tactics, and ways to monitor performance.

Media Training

Our media training makes interviews a breeze. You'll become an expert in landing the key messages, in ways that'll connect with your target audience - and learn to guide the conversation to make your points the right way.

Press Office

Let us handle the media - from managing relationships and press releases, to statements and monitoring the media coverage of your brand.

Reputation Management

Across all channels, we can help your brand recover and rebuild their reputation with our SEO and media know-how.

Digital PR

Impactful campaigns that deliver a bang - combining big brand impact, mitigation of online reputation management, with added SEO benefits.

John Swaffield - Taking Care

“No Brainer have been a fantastic partner to us, providing a joined up and cohesive SEO, content and digital PR strategy that we just could not have delivered in-house.”

John Swaffield


Happy customers

“What’s great about working with No Brainer is their depth of knowledge and expertise, their innovation, their holistic approach to content marketing and their efficiency! They’re a genuine and exceptionally talented bunch of people who work with you to understand your needs and deliver the results you want”

Stephanie Mcevoy

Places for People

“No Brainer was able to work nimbly with us at short notice on a story that had already performed very well across mainstream travel and lifestyle media. They leverage the hook, exploring different features and angles to enhance its online impact and SEO.”

Becky Bennett

The Eden Project


Answers to your questions

You’ve got questions, and we have answers.

We pride ourselves on translating the complex into something meaningful to all.

We have contacts for every single publication in the UK. Don’t believe us? Ask us about any niche sector and we’ll find the right contacts for you. And the key to brilliant media relations is not just finding them, it’s about establishing a reciprocal relationship with them.

The best story in the world will generate nothing if it’s not distributed effectively, so we consider that in EVERY story we create and distribute. For our media relations work we always ensure:

  • Every story is written for news media…not marketers
  • Our stories are brilliantly written and always reflect news terms and grammar use – to make it easy for media to ‘cut and paste’ what we produce
  • We write multiple versions of the same story for different potential media outlets – stories are never one-size-fits-all
  • We always think about supporting and rich content with digital PR – infographics, listicles, data, strong images and video – to bring our stories to life
  • We always find the right media outlets, not the most
  • Our outreach is all-encompassing (with strong outreach emails…and, unlike many PR agencies, we also hit the phones to sell-in!)

And our outcomes are all measurable too.

Crisis communications are a way to protect a brand’s reputation when a crisis hits.

Most brands will, at some point, be faced with a major issues. The issue may be damaging, and in some cases, create a media storm. If you’re unprepared, it can also have significant financial implications too.

Having a communications strategy ready to go in these scenarios offers brands an immediate life-line and route to recovery.

With the rise of online review websites, and search engines increasingly relying on people’s opinions – it’s vital that every brand (no matter the size) have a crisis communication strategy in place – offering clarity on what to do, who to work with and how to engage the media.

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