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We’re one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies, here to get your brand found at the right time on search engines.

With content that connects with your audience to deliver more traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

UK Search Awards - Winners 2022
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Our approach to SEO

We are not just another SEO Agency:

We drive sustained organic search growth through audience-first strategies.

We’re not a third-party agency that works in the background; we are an extension of your team, passionate about helping you hit your business objectives. We work alongside you to achieve incredible results that drive your organisation forward. Using our Intelligent Insights model and proprietary tools, we create tailored SEO strategies for every client, based on expert data analysis, marketplace research and proven audience journeys, along with creative ideas to help you stand out and hit your business objectives. Our approach keeps your commercial goals firmly in mind at all times and means that we are always striving towards shared goals together.

Collaboration and relationships are the key to SEO success.

We collaborate closely with our clients at every stage, making sure that we’re all working towards the same goals. Our specialists across all elements of SEO, such as technical SEO, content marketing and digital PR, all collaborate to make the most of every activity – maximising results.

“Our strategic approach is rooted in audience insights, market intelligence, and SEO know-how, to make your brand easily found and first on search - but also famously loved.”
Laura Rudd, Head of SEO

SEO services we can help with

We're an award-winning SEO agency

UK Search Awards Winner 2023
UK Search Awards - Winners 2022
UK Content Awards - Finalist 2023

Ecommerce SEO

Whether you're an established ecommerce brand with thousands of products, or just starting out - SEO is a vital way to get your products and brand in front of the right people, drive traffic and beat the competition.

Enterprise SEO

We've got the experience and know-how to help large, established brands with their organic performance. From finding those hidden gems that'll deliver big wins, to working alongside your team to drive significant gains at scale, and supporting converting the C-suite into your biggest advocates.

SEO & Content Strategies

Our unique strategies start with your audience - informing a strategy that's built on technical excellence, content that gets you found on search, and importantly, makes meaningful connections between the audience and your brand.

Content SEO

We know content better than most. From comprehensive briefs and drafts, through to structure and content design - you can be sure our content is optimised, audience-first, and compelling. But that ultimately, it performs across search and all other content channels.

Audits & Tech SEO

Combining top industry tools, AI automation, and our own in-house solution - as well as a human-led approach that leverages our decades of tech SEO knowledge. We ensure all of our tech SEO work is clear on impact over effort, is clearly prioritised and roadmapped - then work with our clients to push through changes via their in-house teams.

On-page SEO

Combining our content SEO know-how with SEO best practice and UX, we'll help shape your on-page SEO so it delivers on search performance, meets your audience's needs, and ultimately also ladders up to your business objectives.

Local SEO

It's never been more important for businesses that have a physical location, or service particular regions of the UK, to not only be visible on search results, but have the strategic support to capitalise on the thousands of local relevant searches each day. Our team of local SEO experts work with our clients to do just that.

Digital PR & Links

Links to your website have numerous benefits: for SEO, your website will gain all important (and relevant) referral traffic and 'votes of confidence' from highly authoritative websites. It also allows you to grow your brand visibility! That's where gaining links via Digital PR comes in - combining big brand impact, with SEO benefits that are fundamental to any successful SEO strategy.

Website Migrations

We've worked with a huge variety of brands across most verticals to migrate their website - from moving domains, upgrading or changing your platforms or CMS, or even refreshing the structure of your website. Bringing SEO into the fold from the start will ensure a smooth transition and maintain visibility on search.

SEO Training

When working with our clients, we're always conscious to take them on the journey with us. Sometimes that requires training in-house teams or even other agencies. Ranging from beginner content for SEO, to advanced tech SEO and website migrations - we're here to help.


Our team has decades of strategic experience, so if you're looking for some strategic support to drive organic traffic - you can benefit from our know-how and top industry tools, to drive your organic visibility and traffic.

John Swaffield - Taking Care

“No Brainer have been a fantastic partner to us, providing a joined up and cohesive SEO, content and digital PR strategy that we just could not have delivered in-house.”

John Swaffield


Happy customers

“What’s great about working with No Brainer is their depth of knowledge and expertise, their innovation, their holistic approach to content marketing and their efficiency! They’re a genuine and exceptionally talented bunch of people who work with you to understand your needs and deliver the results you want”

Stephanie Mcevoy

Places for People

“No Brainer was able to work nimbly with us at short notice on a story that had already performed very well across mainstream travel and lifestyle media. They leverage the hook, exploring different features and angles to enhance its online impact and SEO.”

Becky Bennett

The Eden Project


Answers to your SEO questions

You’ve got questions, and we have answers.

SEO can be complex, but we pride ourselves on translating the complex into something meaningful to all.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to various activities that aim to help a website to rank in higher positions in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant users. This increases the visibility of the website to a relevant audience, driving more traffic and resulting in more conversions.

An SEO strategy contains several different elements, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, content creation and optimisation and off-page SEO.

SEO is important because it makes a website more visible to the intended audience who are searching for products, services or relevant information.

Achieving and maintaining a high position in search engine results for certain search terms can drive more online traffic and give more opportunities to convert visitors into customers or clients.

Effective SEO doesn’t only send more traffic, it focuses on sending the right traffic, so that organic website visitors are more likely to convert or be assisted in their buyer journey to return and convert at a later date.

SEO can also result in an excellent return on investment, as organic search success can be long-term and grow even more over time.

SEO is a complex and ever-evolving discipline, which requires a broad range of skills and a lot of time to be efficient in. Building an in-house team with the right skillset may be an option but doesn’t suit all businesses.

Having an experienced SEO agency on board means you can:

  • Save money – vs recruiting an in-house team with the same skill and experience levels
  • Save time – vs managing an in-house team or tackling SEO yourself
  • Pay one agency fee for the skills and experience across multiple SEO areas e.g. technical SEO, content marketing, digital PR and data analysis
  • Have the benefit of specialist experience in SEO in relation to your sector/market
  • Ensure that your SEO strategy takes the latest industry developments and trends into account and evolves as needed

The specific results to expect from a good SEO agency will depend on your own business objectives, as the SEO strategy will be developed to support these, through tailored SEO activity that meets the needs of your target audience and takes into the account your current online market position and competitors.

Over time, you should start to see the volume and quality of organic traffic increasing, with more conversions as a result. Other benefits can include increased brand awareness.

The metrics to determine success when it comes to your SEO activity will be determined as part of the SEO strategy, and reporting on performance and progress is part of the service offered by your SEO agency.

There are many different factors that can affect the length of time it takes to see tangible results from SEO, such as:

  • The website’s age, history and existing level of authority
  • The competitiveness of the sector and your chosen keyword strategy
  • Your SEO budget i.e. the amount of agency resource that you can utilise for your business

If you have a brand new website with no history, no backlinks and very little content as a starting point, this can mean that results take longer to achieve.

If you have an existing website which has previously received a search engine penalty or has many major technical fixes needed, this can also have a big impact on the timeline of results.

For most SEO campaigns, it usually takes between four to six months for results to start, but there is no hard and fast rule, and there are often incremental signs of growth before this.

With SEO, although minor fluctuations along the way are to be expected, organic growth tends to build over time, as the site gains quality, relevance and search engine authority.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and although some results can sometimes be seen in the first few months of activity, the true value of SEO is generally seen over a longer period of time.

Search engines are highly sophisticated and can’t be fooled by websites that don’t have the user-focused quality needed to rank well over a sustained period of time.

Search engines are always evolving, and your SEO strategy needs to also change over time in order to improve and maintain performance.

At No Brainer, we ensure that our SEO services are always user-focused, so that the websites we work on primarily meet the needs of their target audience above everything else.

Search engines also want to deliver the most useful, accurate and reliable results for users, which is why having a user-first approach makes SEO more effective.

We take user intent into account when conducting extensive keyword research and we incorporate user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) elements into our SEO strategies and recommendations, to provide a smoother and more intuitive user journeys towards conversion.

We also constantly monitor performance and ensure that we’re maximising every element of the strategy to achieve the best possible results and ROI.

We forecast SEO results by using various kinds of data to make informed predictions about future organic performance.

This is likely to include data such as current monthly organic traffic figures, conversion rates and seasonality, combined with the impact that we expect the forthcoming SEO activity to have – e.g. increased traffic levels and the value we predict this will bring to the business.

The SEO forecast will depend on your specific objectives, starting point and the amount of resource allocated to SEO.

An effective SEO strategy can increase online sales, because it targets the users that are most likely to convert, as shown by the keywords and type of searches that they utilise.

SEO is for the whole buyer journey, so will also look to attract people higher up the funnel, but ultimately a website that meets the needs of their customer at all stages of the process is more likely to drive increased sales and then bring people back for more. 

SEO reporting is a vital part of what we do. Not only does it help track performance and inform stakeholders of SEO campaign progress, it also helps to highlight when a SEO strategy needs to be adjusted.

We set up a reporting schedule that works best for each individual client. That is often monthly but can be at whatever interval is required.

We ensure that our reports include SEO metrics that are meaningful to your business and always tie back to the campaign objectives.

At No Brainer, we’ve worked very successfully with in-house SEO teams with many of our clients. We want to be an extension of your own team and work hard on building good relationships and communicating clearly with in-house staff, ensuring we’re all on the same page and working towards united goals.

As an agency with a rich history in PR, we’re ideally placed to incorporate the many benefits that digital PR brings into our clients’ SEO strategies.

While PR is a very different strategy, there are many ways in which these two marketing channels can benefit each other.

Some of the many benefits that digital PR brings to an SEO strategy include:

  • Building high-quality backlinks to the website that help increase authority with search engines
  • Increasing brand awareness and credibility
  • Sending highly relevant referral traffic that is likely to convert

It works both ways. SEO can also help with digital PR by building the brand’s visibility online to reinforce credibility and reputation, along with a well-optimised website providing the perfect platform for journalists and editors to find out more about a particular story or dataset that you want to gain coverage for.

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