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We are powered by research, insights and meaningful metrics through our Creative Intelligence model, meaning that our digital PR strategies go way beyond just building links.

Our approach boosts brand awareness, amplifies brand messages and engages both relevant media and target customers in a way that creates long term meaningful value.

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How we're a different kind of Digital PR agency

We drive meaningful impact:
We position your brand at the forefront of the news agenda and create content campaigns that resonate with your audience.

We believe that an effective digital PR strategy is so much more than just a link building tickbox exercise. Our rich heritage in PR and media relations means we’re experts in building brand stories and understanding what matters to the media, whilst our market research insights ensure we always keep clients’ customers front and centre.

This, combined with analysis from our leading SEO services team, ensures that our digital PR strategies create a powerful impact on customer engagement and awareness, and bolster online performance in the process.   

Our digital PR strategies amplify your key brand messages and help create meaning around your brand that resonates with target audiences.

It’s time to think beyond links for your digital PR strategy and create content that matters; to your industry, your business and your target customer.

"Digital PR has evolved and is now so much more than just a link building strategy. Marketers need to focus on building brands, not just links, and how Digital PR integrates holistically into the wider online marketing mix."

Tori Attwood,
Digital PR Director

Digital PR services we can help with

UK Search Awards Winner 2023
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With our proactive and reactive approach, we're quick to jump on news stories or current events to push relevant stories, industry expertise and thought leadership.

Media Monitoring

Our "Always On" approach means we're constantly identifying trending news stories and media opportunities for your products, brand and experts.

Thought leadership

Leveraging relevant brand spokespeople to showcase expertise and trust with gold target media.

Broadcast & media relations

Positioning your brand at the forefront of broadcast media news, and identifying the right kind of opportunities.

Press Office Support

Operating as an extension of your in-house team to handle all in-bound PR requests to manage press and media conversations.

Data reports

Finding newsworthy stories within your business’ proprietary data, or creating our own to demonstrate expertise.


Creating and executing exciting brand campaigns that make an impact with the media and most importantly, your customer.

Amplify: Influencers & Social

Collaborating with influencer and social teams to create additional news content and maximise the outputs of budgets.

John Swaffield - Taking Care

“No Brainer have been a fantastic partner to us, providing a joined up and cohesive SEO, content and digital PR strategy that we just could not have delivered in-house.”

John Swaffield


Happy customers

“What’s great about working with No Brainer is their depth of knowledge and expertise, their innovation, their holistic approach to content marketing and their efficiency! They’re a genuine and exceptionally talented bunch of people who work with you to understand your needs and deliver the results you want”

Stephanie Mcevoy

Places for People

“No Brainer was able to work nimbly with us at short notice on a story that had already performed very well across mainstream travel and lifestyle media. They leverage the hook, exploring different features and angles to enhance its online impact and SEO.”

Becky Bennett

The Eden Project


Answers to your questions

If you’ve got questions about digital PR, we’ve got the answers!

The key difference between traditional pr and digital PR is that the latter focuses more on online media, such as digital publications and social media, with the goal of helping to improve brand visibility online.

Digital PR strategies tend to focus on growing online visibility through creating more demand for a brand or service online, through generating excitement and engagement on social media, or through working closely with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) teams to impact how the business’ website performs in Google search results.

However, this doesn’t mean that traditional PR doesn’t have an impact on online brand visibility. If done in the right way, offline traditional PR strategies can also impact behaviour online.

To create a digital PR strategy, first identify the objectives and KPIs you want to meet, in order to establish what you are trying to achieve with your digital PR strategy.

Next, identify who your customers are, where they live online and their behaviours, as this will inform the types of content and media you should consider as part of your strategy.

Analysis of the media and channels your audiences uses most will also be important to help you understand the types and formats of content that resonate best with your customer and their favourite source of media.

For more information, visit our blog on how to create a digital pr strategy.

There are several important metrics you should monitor to measure the success of your digital PR strategy, which are:

  1. Volume of coverage
  2. Number of links to the website and type of link
  3. Impact on media share of voice against competitors
  4. Changes in brand search and brand clicks
  5. Keyword rankings and positions
  6. Increase in referral traffic
  7. Social media engagements
  8. Leads and assisted conversions via digital PR activity

A digital PR campaign is a marketing tactic used to impact a brand’s online visibility. This is usually with the intention to generate more demand for a product or service online, create engagements on social media or impact how a website performs in Google search results (SEO).

A digital PR campaign can take lots of different formats, however popular examples include data campaigns, surveys, working with influencers, reports and video content.

Campaigns are usually anchored around a theme or topic that unites all the campaign activity under a single brand message.

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