The 2024 Ecommerce Trends Report

As technology continues to shape how we shop, leading companies in this industry are redefining the ecommerce landscape with immersive experiences, cutting-edge advancements and keeping up to date with the latest trends.

How exactly can home retail brands optimise their marketing strategies to entice customers and encourage increased interaction with their online platforms?

Is your marketing not quite feeling at home? Find out which advancements and approaches are propelling the evolution of home retail marketing in 2024 – as shared by 500 marketing professionals!

The 2024 Ecommerce Trends Report
Home Retailer Marketing Trends 2024 - Report Sample Graph
Home Retailer Marketing Trends 2024 - Report Sample Ranked
UK Marketers

Shared their approach for 2024, revealing trends you need to know!


We asked where they’ll be spending their budgets in 2024.


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The 2024 Ecommerce Trends Report

About The 2024 Ecommerce Trends Report

With evolving technology having a huge influence on a variety of industries, from interior design to entertainment, it has become a source for many different companies to delve into and experiment with. With 81% of retail shoppers conducting online research before buying, it’s important for ecommerce companies to provide a first-class shopping experience and end-to-end journey, to generate engagement and drive conversions.

Evolving digital advancements are reshaping the home retail landscape, and big hitters in the homeware industry like Wayfair, Dunelm and B&M are starting to revolutionise the ecommerce experience through innovative and personalised ideas and cutting-edge marketing concepts.

How can you make sure your home retail brand is doing the same to keep up with the highest performing home retailers?
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Top 5 Digital Marketing channels in 2024

Based on who's increasing their investment by up to 60%!

Keeping an eye on top marketing trends can help home retailers take on their competitors and even the big hitters.

500 marketing leaders recently revealed to us their 2024 marketing secrets, and we’re sharing them with you!

With Google having such a volatile year in 2023, impacting countless ecommerce brands, it’s easy to understand why Search-driven Content will see the largest increase in investment in 2024 – helping brands to recover, maintain and drive growth online.

Organic Search (SEO)
0 %
Email Marketing
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Content Marketing
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Digital PR
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Influencer Marketing
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Who's winning on Search by product?

We’ve taken a look at which brands are performing best for popular products in the home, to give you the inside-track on who the winners are, the challengers – but also the opportunity!

Whether you’re using an SEO agency, Content Marketing Services, or perhaps a Digital PR agency to drive results – it’s vital to know the landscape, and where you can make gains.

Ikea logo

Who's leading on page one?

Argos are currently leading the pack, followed closely by Amazon. But there’s so much room for opportunity for the likes of Sofology, SCS, DFS, Bensons for Beds – big national brands that you’d expect to have more of a presence.

“This data is so compelling - it just shows that even if you're a big, well established ecommerce brand, the 'little guys' are always nipping at your heels. So for the big brands, I'd say that you need an always-on approach to SEO, keep innovating, and for the smaller/niche brand - keep being smart with where you invest. Clearly, investing in SEO at any size of business, is key to winning new audiences and maintaining existing ones.”
Laura Rudd
Head of SEO

Whilst Argos and Amazon are goliaths that will always be hard to beat, any one of the mentioned brands could steal a significantly greater share of visibility and revenue – and if they invest in the right SEO strategy, they could be nipping at their heels in no time!

Find out how you can win on search in 2024

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We’ve turned SEO magic into an exact science – using our unique tools, we’ll walk you through how you can significantly improve Organic revenue by revealing:
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  • How much revenue each keyword will likely deliver

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Who's winning in home retail on search? Check out the leaderboard

Argos logo
Terms ranking Page One
Amazon logo
Terms ranking Page One
Dunelm logo
Terms ranking Page One

Who's winning by each room of the house?

Who's winning by each room of the house?

We’ve taken the products most searched for and categorised them by room in the house – to give you a unique view on which brand are winning at home, which makes it simple to see some of the opportunity for home retailers in 2024.

We’ve even created an interactive infographic for you to explore each room of the house below!

Want to explore more about these stats, but also how other ecommerce brands are going about their strategy in 2024? Check out the full report…

What does this data tell us?

The width and breadth of keywords related to home interiors is vast, but identifying the phrase you should be competing for is crucial to rank higher than your competitors.

From our insights, we can see the top brand ranking for the most keywords is currently Argos, and they have won across the board, even ranking highly for each room in the home.

Every product or page that is indexed on a website should have a detailed master plan behind it if your brand hopes for it to come close to ranking on the first page.

There are a few other things to consider:

Nicher, longer-tail search queries

Niche long-tail terms will of course open up the playing field, however, you have to consider whether your audience will actively search for that keyword in search engines – and what their intent will be.

If you’re confident in your insights then this could all be in your favour, but you need to have the data to back this up.

Seasonal searches

This can also shift depending on seasonality, and this is just as important as having a fool-proof keyword strategy for evergreen items. Vitally, it’s important for ecommerce brands to have a plan for this, when’s best to get it launched, and what to do with that search equity once the season has passed by.

There are always spikes on Google search during recognised holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, so adapting your product descriptions to suit could help you stack up against the rest.

"When we look at how consumers behave online, brands must also consider how they interact with content, especially when it comes to their target demographic.

With one-fourth of 18 to 54-year-olds preferring to search on social media, this extends beyond the remit of the OG search engines of Google or Bing.

Take for instance the furniture in a living room, when searching for the key phrase on search engine platforms, the highest performing pages highlight several images, rather than a simple text-based or single image link.

Social search engines have become much more popular and important over the last couple of years, and these video/image led ways of searching could be shifting the way we consider shopping online.

So not only do brands need to pay close attention to the key terms and phrases they'd like to rank for on SERP, they also need to consider other channels to master the look and feel of how it will be displayed, both on social search and the original search engines."
Alexandra Whiteside
Account Manager

How can you optimise your ecommerce strategy so customers engage with you online?

Purpose-driven content

In our recent survey, marketing leaders revealed that purpose driven content was a top priority for 2024.

Content will be more around aligning with the user and their values. That means crafting brilliant content, by real experts – that answers their question in a compelling way.

Beyond that, consumers, especially the younger generation, are more than ever looking for brands that support meaningful causes beyond profit, so it’s crucial for brands to make the conscious effort to shift towards purposeful content.

“It’s important to understand what really distinguishes you as a brand and keeping brand purpose at the forefront for your marketing strategies. For example, Dulux always incorporate their brand purpose and messaging in their marketing content, ensuring they help consumers feel inspired about colour. Their newest partnership with Ogilvy UK releasing the “it’s a feeling” campaign aligns with Dulux’s brand purpose and drives meaningful content to their audiences.”
Lee Cullen
Co-founder & Director

Generative AI interactions

Another big marketing trend for 2024 will be Generative AI. With the initial fascination of this game changing digital advancement now at bay, markets still predict it to be a top marketing trend for 2024, showing it is here to stay for a while.

Generative AI can help enhance productivity and boost creativity, allowing marketing leaders to use it to their advantage in their marketing strategies, processes, but also streamlining tech.

"For marketers, embracing these innovations isn't just an option; it's a strategic imperative for businesses aiming not just to survive but to thrive. Therefore, marketing teams of retailers - both large and small - would be wise to invest time in it now, studying the new tools as and when they’re released – categorising the useful, not so useful, and the transformational. This is an ever changing environment, and even when you think you’re on top of the latest technology, you’re often just a day or two away from the next ChatGPT update or new app being released."
Tom Houghton
News & Outreach Director

Trusted content backed by real experts

Ecommerce on phone/device

Trusted content back by real experts is predicted by marketers to be a top trend in 2024, and aligns with Google’s E-E-A-T guidance.

This can be achieved by leveraging reputable sources and experts in your industry, bringing them into your content with unique and in-depth bios and/or profiles.

Tip: Avoid using outdated, biased, or unverified sources.

“The audience really is the master of search. We need to offer them something unique, trustworthy, and of real value in order to make sustainable gains.

Bringing in expert authors who are active in their industry and well known, or are experienced and/or qualified on a subject are absolutely key here. Beyond the 'who', it's then about understanding the 'why' of each piece before delving into the 'what'.

Make sure your content is compelling by doing your research, seeing what's already ranking well and incorporating that approach into your new content - but fundamentally looking at how you can make it even better for the audience. It's about quality over quantity every time.”
Laura Rudd
Head of SEO

Home product trends

Which brands are top by product? Browse and click through our interactive house and find out!

It’s one thing to rank top for individual rooms as a whole, but do you know where you’re stacking up against your competition for items in the home?

Home brands come in all shapes and sizes, some focusing on all home products, whereas others will have a niche speciality. Click on the blue circles below to see which brand is winning for that product!

Knowing what all your competitors are doing, and comparing your brand to companies of different sizes and nature, will help you identify the opportunities and risks within your industry.

Regularly reviewing, learning and updating your keyword strategy will help your rankability on search engines.

Retail marketing trends - dollhouse

Argos are top for "Cots"

Asda are #1 for "Cot Bedding"

Mamas and Papas are number 1 for "Nursery Chair" terms
Online 4 Baby are number 1 for "Moses Basket" terms

Dunelm are top for "Bedside Tables"

For "Beds", Dreams are No. 1

Ikea are king for "Wardrobes"

Wayfair are number one for "Dressing Tables"

Sofology are tops for "Corner Sofa" terms, but SCS and Next aren't far behind!

For "Armchair" terms, The Range are No.1

Dunelm are tops with "Curtains" terms

Next are no.1 with "Mirror" terms

Next are winning with "Coffee Table" terms

Argos are #1 with "Bookcase" terms

Argos are winning with "Shower Curtain" terms

Argos are no.1 with "Laundry Basket" terms

For "Toilet Roll Holder" terms, Amazon are king

For "Air Fryer" terms, Currys are king

Currys are number one for "Washing Machine" terms

Argos are winning on "Fridge" terms

AO are #1 on "Freezer" terms

Argos are no. 1 on "Microwave" terms

Furniture Village are no. 1 on "Dining Chairs" terms

Next are top for "Dining Table" terms

Illumination are top for "Dining Room Lighting" terms

Ikea are top for "Desk" terms

What's the future of home retail marketing?

AR and VR is revolutionising home goods

Of the global population will become
active AR users by 2025
0 %
Of shoppers would shop more often
if they used AR
0 %
Of consumers prefer retailers offering AR
0 %

In order to excel in the home retail sector you need to keep up with the latest trends, analyse competitors and spot opportunities.

Our top 3 trends for 2024 predicted by marketing leaders can help start that journey to compete with the big home retail hitters.

Along with these top trends, powerhouse homeware brands like Dulux, Ikea and Wayfair have benefited from using new VR and AR advancements to showcase their products to customers in a completely different light, allowing customers to not just imagine, but show how the furniture would look inside their home.

Online shopping is vastly increasing in popularity, due to reasons like minimising transportation costs and prices/discounts – giving the consumer opportunity to save time and money. With 40% of consumers admitting they are willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality, brands are expected to keep up with evolving trends like AR and VR if they are in with a chance of competing in the ecommerce world.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two main technological advancements we’ve all been exposed to over recent years, but with thousands of brands utilising the cutting-edge offerings – even though brands then have to upgrade their websites, customer journeys, marketing strategies and much more, the potential earning gains far outweigh the costs.

Source: IKEA Place app

Using cutting-edge technology and could be a 2024 game changer for your retail brand.

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Other sources

  • The use of AR in retail leads to a 17% increase in consumer purchase intent – Source: AMA
  • 61% of consumers said they prefer retailers that offer AR experiences – Source: Silversea Media
  • 71% of shoppers said that they would shop more often if they used AR – Source: eclipse
  • It is projected that by 2025, AR in retail will be worth $12 billion – Source: Charged Retail
  • 40% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality – Source: eclipse
  • 58% of shoppers who have used augmented reality whilst shopping believed it improved their experience – Source: Whiplash
  • 66% of consumers want physical stores to offer more AR experiences – Source: Jasoren
  • 75% of the global population will become active AR users by 2025 – Source: Deloitte / Snap
  • Marketing campaigns which utilise AR elements have an average dwell time of 75 seconds – Source: 99Firms