The ‘Converged’ approach isn’t the best way; it’s the only way

Unlike ‘Converged’, the words Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising are engrained in the corporate psyche. They’ve been part of the lexicon of business for decades. They’re words that wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of Mad Men. People understand exactly what they are.

Even though we’re only a year old, we’ve been asked countless times to help companies who need a PR, a Social or a Marketing strategy. It’s usually one of those. But, more often then not, we come out agreeing the path forward is a very different one.

How we do ‘Converged’

In our opinion – and I’m sure we’ve bored people to tears about this in our first year of operation – the very best communications campaigns are converged. That’s why we live and breathe Bought, Owned, Shared and Earned (BOSE) principles – have a look at our infographic on this page to see exactly what that is and how they work together.

Put simply, great storytelling should work across your bought, shared, owned and earned channels. The content we produce with our clients is interesting, sharable and usable across all the channels at our disposal. Ensuring business stories are delivered through clients’ owned channels like websites, shared channels like blogs and social handles and earned activity (new-world PR, online and offline) can deliver results you wouldn’t believe. The good thing is, we can measure it. We can prove it works.

We help our clients choose the right channels to reach the people they want to connect with. They know they can trust us to recommend the best approach and, together, we are able to hit our shared objectives simply by telling their story better…. to the right people, in the right places and at the right times.

The circle in the middle of the infographic is No Brainer and our clients, collaborating to create a calendar of stories that give us the chance to showcase their company to the world – both on and off line and through channels that make sense.

If you ever want to speak to us about how we can help you deliver integrated communications across your organisation, please feel free to get in touch.

Gary Jenkins

Gary Jenkins

I’ve been a journalist and PR leader, working with high growth start-ups to complex multi-million-pound businesses for more than 20 years. My heart lies in landing brilliant international and national coverage for clients and helping take strategy through to delivery and seeing the results!

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