Creating media buzz across PR, socials and beyond for Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an amusement park with thrilling rides and spectacular shows, located on Blackpool’s South Shore.

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media hits during Feb 2023-Sept 2023
radio and TV placements
coverage reach

The brief

Utilising Digital PR to create magic moments that cut through on social, boost media profile and amplified Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s visibility during key trading periods.

If you grew up anywhere near the North West, then there’s no doubt you’ll have enjoyed a day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – it’s a rite-of-passage! So, when the award-winning attraction approached us to help them launch the revamp of one of their most iconic rides, Valhalla, we couldn’t wait to come along for the ride.

The iconic Viking-themed ride is a firm fan favourite, so our brief was to maintain the hype after a £4million refurbishment investment.

After a successful launch that landed ITV coverage, our brief expanded to support the park in the run up to the summer months and beyond, reinforcing that Blackpool is a go-to destination for thrills, chills and excitement.

What we did

Attractions PR is fast-paced, with lots of twists and turns, so we needed a flexible PR strategy to keep us on track.

Media monitoring and reactive pitching:

  • We supported the in-house team with Press Office support, reacting to key news stories as they broke and managing media relations around key updates from the attraction.
  • Our media monitoring and reactive-PR allowed us to be at the forefront of trending topics, and we leveraged themepark fanatics and in-house experts to create expert-led content.

Utilising media contacts:

  • As well as running a thread of activity that amplified key trading messages with our media contacts and secured What’s On reviews and features, it was also important that we had a layer of activity that celebrated what Blackpool Pleasure Beach does best – create fun experiences that people remember forever.

Research and insights:

  • Many the celeb has descended on the iconic theme park over the years – from Gary Barlow to Prince William – and the A-lister visits always causes a media frenzy and excitement on socials. So, we decided to tap into Blackpool’s history as a secret celeb holiday destination – and a famous hotspot for impersonation acts – to launch our summer activity.
  • We snuck an Ed Sheeran lookalike on-site to tease visitors to see if they could tell if he was the real deal, causing a spike in social engagements, media coverage and excitement. Our entourage of Security and ‘celebrity management’ team sourced fly-on-the-wall style footage and then seeded this out on socials throughout the day to generate organic social reach.
  • Ed went down a treat, with social engagements spiking to the highest level all year and over 60 media outlets covering his visit.

The results

  • Over 200+ media hits over a six-month period
  • National media coverage including LadBible, The Sun and The Mirror
  • Key broadcast coverage including ITV News Granada, Hits Radio Manchester and CapitalFM
  • 144m+ coverage reach
  • Engagement spikes across key social channels during campaign periods
  • We maintained a strong media profile no matter what occurred during the season

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