Working with nano and micro influencers to increase exposure for North West festival

The North West’s favourite family-friendly festival, Deva Fest, is positioned in the heart of Cheshire at Cholmondeley Gardens. Since their launch in 2019 they have welcomed incredible artists from the likes of Fleur East and Will Young, to Scouting for Girls and Morcheeba.

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The brief

To work with influencers, on a gifted basis, to increase exposure, brand awareness and increase ticket sales in key demographic for the Cheshire-based festival.

 Being a relatively new festival in a saturated market, Deva Fest wanted to work with a select number of influencers to boost their exposure online, with no extra budget available other than the gifted experience (the festival ticket).

We had to overcome the following challenges:

  • Budget cuts due to the cost-of-living crisis and what this meant for attendees
  • Competing against big hitters already well-renowned in the festival sphere, as well as other independent local festivals being held around the same time
  • Despite their ‘die-hard fans’ who have heard about the festival, the reach of awareness was limited

So, we could align with Deva Fest’s core value of being a ‘family first’ festival, we decided to work alongside micro and nano family influencers, from across the UK, to reach audiences who may have been relatively untouched previously.

What we did

Research and Insights:

  • Due to a limited budget, and no extra benefits other than the gifted family ticket to the festival, we immediately had to create a plan of action that would be realistic but also achieve our goal of working alongside ten influencers.
  • Researched and analysed existing social content to discover influencers who had attended organically in previous years, then reviewed their content, following and brand alignment to create the ideal influencer demographic for the client.
  • Through our intelligent insights and research, we identified nano and micro influencers who fit perfectly with the brand and embodied the ‘family-friendly’ aesthetic.
  • Utilising our collaboration tools across social channels, we were approached by more influencers who were vetted from a trust signal perspective, as well as a brand view.
  • We also helped implement affiliate links with the influencers so the client could track how their content converted, as well as performed.

Always-on approach:

  • We adopted an ‘always on’ approach to our influencer marketing, which means we didn’t just research and select our influencers over a week, we refreshed our way of working every so often to identify influencers across a range of platforms (mainly Instagram and TikTok).
  • Working with the chosen influencers we created a content calendar of key dates and messages for Deva Fest, and aligned their messaging with the brand and their individual audiences.
  • Despite the client not owning a TikTok account for the Deva Fest brand, the influencer who opted for this channel performed as one of the highest with two of her videos culminating in more than 10,000 views63% of her total audience!

The results

  • During the period the influencers posted (June to August), referral traffic to the website increased by 74%.
  • Overall users to the website also increased by 216%, from 41,000 to 129,600.
  • Contributed social conversions increased by 118% compared to the previous period.
  • Ticket sales increased by 25% YoY.
  • We have already had interest from other influencers for next year’s event!

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